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25th-Jul-2016 10:09 am - [sticky post] EAH Icon plans
busy writing, busy drawing, raf, reading

  1. Epic Winter Trailer - done, just waiting for more icons before they're burnt to a disc (Screencaps on Photobucket - ask for link) - all icons uploaded and icon post made (4 parts. No love to LJ for the fight)

  2. Meet the Pixies (Dragon Games) - just need to resize/save/play with graphics (Screencaps on Photobucket - ask for link) - some icons already uploaded - mini-icon post (grouped with two others)

  3. Beanstalk Bravado - just need to resize/save (Screencaps on Photobucket - ask for link) - one animated uploaded - mini-icon post (grouped with two others)

  4. Wish List - some animated icons made, working on making non-animated ones (Screencaps on Photobucket - ask for link) - three animated uploaded - mini-icon post (grouped with two others)

  5. Piping Hot Beats - in process of capping

  6. Daring/Rosabella Music Video (set to, you guessed it, Beauty and the Beast) - need to cap

  7. Prince of Apple's Destiny: Epic Winter Teaser - almost done! (Screencaps on Photobucket - ask for link) - almost all icons uploaded and icon post made

  8. Here Comes Cupid - in process of recapping

  9. Thronecoming Queen (Cupid) - in process of capping

  10. Meeshell comes out of her shell - in process of capping

  11. Power Princess Shining Bright Music Video - need to cap

  12. Thumb-believable - need to cap/recap

  13. Tale of Two Parties - need to cap

  14. Moonlight Mystery - need to cap/recap

  15. Hexclusive Invitation - need to cap/recap

  16. Just Sweet - need to cap

  17. Legacy Orchard - need to cap

  18. Sugar Coated - need to cap

  19. Fairest on Ice - in process of capping

  20. A Big Bad Secret - need to cap

  21. Heart Struck - need to cap

  22. Tournament Vote - need to cap

  23. Tournament Winners - need to cap

  24. Save me Darling - need to cap

  25. Beauty and the Beasts - need to cap

  26. MirrorNet down - need to cap/recap

  27. Rebel's got talent - need to cap/recap

  28. Poppy, the Roybel - need to cap/recap

  29. Lizzie Heart's Fairy First Date - need to cap

  30. Maddie's Hat-tastic party - need to cap/recap

  31. Lizzie Shuffles the Deck - need to cap

  32. Duchess Swan's Lake - need to cap/recap

  33. True Hearts' Day part 1-3 - need to cap/recap

  34. The Shoe Must Go On - need to cap/recap

  35. Briar's Study Party - in process of recapping

  36. Powerful Princesses and Their Dragons - need to cap

  37. True Reflections - need to cap/recap

  38. Class Confusion - need to cap/recap

  39. Ashlynn's Fashion Frolic - need to cap/recap

  40. Apple's Birthday - need to cap/recap

  41. Cedar Wood Would Like to Lie - need to cap/recap

  42. Cat Cried Wolf - need to cap/recap

  43. Apple's Story - need to cap/recap

  44. Raven's Story - need to cap/recap

  45. World of EAH - need to cap/recap

  46. Baby Dragons - need to cap

^This is bar any surprises popping up. A lot of the need to cap/recap were done before we got a new computer and lost a flash drive port. Obviously, the list is prone to changing at any point. (Requests by friends for icons from any episode [even if the episode isn't on that monster of a list] will get pushed ahead)
Bold is done
Italics is icons in progress
busy writing, busy drawing, raf, reading
"Hello, welcome to whose fic is it anyway where the update schedule is made up and the word count doesn't matter"
13th-Oct-2017 03:26 pm(no subject)
busy writing, busy drawing, raf, reading

Blame any Latin errors on Google Translate

“Oh, c'mon,” Aurore groaned as she turned the key in the ignition, silently willing for her car’s engine to turn over and start. No such luck - the engine had long since died an ignoble death due to this hellacious storm that had kicked up out of no-where. She wondered for a moment if someone somehow had managed to piss of Ramuh - that had to be the only logical explanation for this storm. She let out a soft curse in her mother’s birth tongue before getting out of the car - no sense in sitting in the car when it was dead. She fished her phone out of her purse, hoping to call or at least text one of her friends and see if she could get a ride from them. She tried to flip it open but her rain soaked hands just couldn’t keep a good grip on the phone and it took a swan dive into one of the puddles at her feet. “Damn it,” she muttered, reaching down to fish it out, wincing at the amount of water coming out of it. Well, there went that option - on to plan B, whatever plan B was going to be.

And the day had started out so good to begin with - a lecture on “Nos mutua nexis”, given by Professor Raine Licentia, an expert on ancient Lucian and the concept of soulmates and mating marks and all that it entailed, was one she had been waiting for and it was more than she could have ever imagined it to be. Well, no sense in standing out here, drowning in the storm, she thought and darted in the direction of the abandoned Citadel - not one of her better ideas, but any port in a literal storm would do, she thought.

She fished out a small flashlight and turned it on - small miracle that it was still working, given everything else dying on her. Well, it wouldn’t hurt to do a little exploring - after all, no-one had been in this building since… Crap, she thought, trying to recall her ancient Lucian history. Last she remembered was when an Ardyn Lucis Caelum was on the throne, and that was well over two thousand years ago. But, she was getting the feeling that she wasn’t as alone as she thought she was. She remembered the stories told about this place - and the one sticking clear in her mind was the one where a daemon lurked in this shadowed, haunted place, a daemon created by Ardyn in an attempt to save his only nephew from death. A chill worked its way down her spine and she silently prayed it was just that - a story. “Hello?” she called, her voice echoing a bit. “Anyone here?”

“Ita, est,” came a voice from behind her.

Aurore froze, her eyes wide. Oh, shit. She turned slowly to see who or what was behind her. The soft glow of her flashlight illuminated a thing of nightmares. A pair of crystal blue *human* eyes stared back at her from within a face of daemon - and she couldn’t even begin to tell what kind of daemon it was. The flashlight dropped from her hand, rolling away from her.

The daemon reached out to catch her as she fainted. ‘Si terret facies pro omnibus quae spes est?’ he thought, gently adjusting her position in his arms. He managed to cradle her in one misshapen arm and brushed her hair off her face with his other hand. Perhaps, with time if it were possible, she’d be able to see the man he had once been - and not this monster his uncle made of him.

(Translations: Ita, est. - Yes, there is.
Si terret facies pro omnibus quae spes est? - What hope is there for love if my appearance frightens everyone?)

16th-Jun-2017 09:21 pm - ::yawn::
lodoss war, deedlit, sleepy
boring.. wake me when it gets exciting again and the girls don't look like they're wearing the same outfit
4th-Apr-2017 04:49 am - Squee!
legion, dove, beauty and the beast, timber wolf
One of my favorite webcomic artists got tapped to do a Belle comic for a special Belle-centric Disney Princess comic!
2nd-Apr-2017 09:22 pm - Tumblr question
legion, dove, beauty and the beast, timber wolf
so, how do I take someone off my list - some weird game thing started following me (why, I don't know) but I'm not sure how to get rid of it. Block it? Advice please
2nd-Apr-2017 01:03 pm - Dear brain
swordsmaiden, final fantasy versus xiii, stella
I don't give a fuck that Prompto's VA was Tuxedo Mask - you are not having Prompto make a crack about having to rescue the Moon Princess just so he can see Luna double over with laughter and Noctis look like he's going to strangle him. Just *no*

And fucking holy shit, that's Alistair from Ever After High!?
1st-Apr-2017 04:01 pm - me, to the plot bunnies:
busy writing, busy drawing, raf, reading

edit: also me to the muses that are telling me I need another male RP character in the XV RP I'm in - I play 3 males, 8 females. I so don't need another character but..

edit again: yeah, that didn't work. I ended up with a fourth male (mainly to act as a rival to a friend's character)
31st-Mar-2017 06:00 pm - it's here!
swordsmaiden, final fantasy versus xiii, stella
6pm and my CD arrives

(I'm not thrilled to learn I had to give them instructions on where to deliever the damn thing - just use fucking UPS, make it easier)

The only real bitch I have about the CD is the case - the slots for disc 1 and 4 have broken teeth so the discs don't stay on them
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