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25th-Jul-2016 10:09 am - [sticky post] EAH Icon plans
busy writing, busy drawing, raf, reading

  1. Epic Winter Trailer - done, just waiting for more icons before they're burnt to a disc (Screencaps on Photobucket - ask for link) - all icons uploaded and icon post made (4 parts. No love to LJ for the fight)

  2. Meet the Pixies (Dragon Games) - just need to resize/save/play with graphics (Screencaps on Photobucket - ask for link) - some icons already uploaded - mini-icon post (grouped with two others)

  3. Beanstalk Bravado - just need to resize/save (Screencaps on Photobucket - ask for link) - one animated uploaded - mini-icon post (grouped with two others)

  4. Wish List - some animated icons made, working on making non-animated ones (Screencaps on Photobucket - ask for link) - three animated uploaded - mini-icon post (grouped with two others)

  5. Piping Hot Beats - in process of capping

  6. Daring/Rosabella Music Video (set to, you guessed it, Beauty and the Beast) - need to cap

  7. Prince of Apple's Destiny: Epic Winter Teaser - almost done! (Screencaps on Photobucket - ask for link) - almost all icons uploaded and icon post made

  8. Here Comes Cupid - in process of recapping

  9. Thronecoming Queen (Cupid) - in process of capping

  10. Meeshell comes out of her shell - in process of capping

  11. Power Princess Shining Bright Music Video - need to cap

  12. Thumb-believable - need to cap/recap

  13. Tale of Two Parties - need to cap

  14. Moonlight Mystery - need to cap/recap

  15. Hexclusive Invitation - need to cap/recap

  16. Just Sweet - need to cap

  17. Legacy Orchard - need to cap

  18. Sugar Coated - need to cap

  19. Fairest on Ice - in process of capping

  20. A Big Bad Secret - need to cap

  21. Heart Struck - need to cap

  22. Tournament Vote - need to cap

  23. Tournament Winners - need to cap

  24. Save me Darling - need to cap

  25. Beauty and the Beasts - need to cap

  26. MirrorNet down - need to cap/recap

  27. Rebel's got talent - need to cap/recap

  28. Poppy, the Roybel - need to cap/recap

  29. Lizzie Heart's Fairy First Date - need to cap

  30. Maddie's Hat-tastic party - need to cap/recap

  31. Lizzie Shuffles the Deck - need to cap

  32. Duchess Swan's Lake - need to cap/recap

  33. True Hearts' Day part 1-3 - need to cap/recap

  34. The Shoe Must Go On - need to cap/recap

  35. Briar's Study Party - in process of recapping

  36. Powerful Princesses and Their Dragons - need to cap

  37. True Reflections - need to cap/recap

  38. Class Confusion - need to cap/recap

  39. Ashlynn's Fashion Frolic - need to cap/recap

  40. Apple's Birthday - need to cap/recap

  41. Cedar Wood Would Like to Lie - need to cap/recap

  42. Cat Cried Wolf - need to cap/recap

  43. Apple's Story - need to cap/recap

  44. Raven's Story - need to cap/recap

  45. World of EAH - need to cap/recap

  46. Baby Dragons - need to cap

^This is bar any surprises popping up. A lot of the need to cap/recap were done before we got a new computer and lost a flash drive port. Obviously, the list is prone to changing at any point. (Requests by friends for icons from any episode [even if the episode isn't on that monster of a list] will get pushed ahead)
Bold is done
Italics is icons in progress
29th-Mar-2017 11:58 pm - ..how?
spazzing teto, rabid foxsquirrel, plunnie from beyond, chomp, nausicaa
So, randomly looking at the status of my Amazon order when I see a Sweeny Todd production (not getting it - already have three soundtracks, not interested in a DVD concert) when I noticed something strange..
scrolled down and saw this:
Sponsored Products Related To This Item

how the flying fuck is Johnny Bravo in anyway shape or form related to Sweeny fucking Todd?
princess, christine, original character
<3 I'm not sure who's cuter, Pryna or Gladio? ::grins::
26th-Mar-2017 09:35 pm - Hmm...
busy writing, busy drawing, raf, reading
The bunnies find this intriguing for a few different pairings..
25th-Mar-2017 10:33 pm - Dear rabbit
spazzing teto, rabid foxsquirrel, plunnie from beyond, chomp, nausicaa
what part of I don't want to write a FF 10 x FF 15 blend are you not understanding

I don't care that you've already got the opening sentence decided - the answer is fucking no. No. No. No!

Please. Please just stop talking.
24th-Mar-2017 06:19 pm - squee
moonshade, pretty elf, thoughtful, elfquest
http://readcomiconline.to/Comic/Teenage-Mutant-Ninja-Turtles-Presents-April-O-Neil-May-East-Saga - the art's rougher than I remembered but this was such a fun story

oh, and I can't remember if you liked the newest Ghostbusters movie, but, Lori, there is a new Ghostbusters comic that blends both 'verses. Ghostbusters 101
23rd-Mar-2017 08:23 pm - Well, this is different
princess, christine, original character
Watching original flavour Godzilla. Weird not to see Raymond Burr in it. And thank goodness for subs - my grasp of Japanese is so rusty..
23rd-Mar-2017 05:07 pm - because that makes so much sense...
moonshade, pretty elf, thoughtful, elfquest
Doctor Strange (2016) (Plus Bonus Features) - Recommended because you purchased World of Warcraft 60 Day Game Time [Digital Code]

not quite sure I see a connection...
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